The City of Alvin Humane Department is one of the myriad programs that comes under the direction of the Alvin Police Department. The Alvin Animal Control Shelter facility is located at 550 W. SH 6 in Alvin. The Shelter has been a part of our organization since 1992. The facility is currently staffed with three full time and one part time humane officer.

The Animal Control staff performs a variety of duties and their assignments involve many responsibilities. They maintain the Shelter for cleanliness, control of diseases, and the safe housing of animals. In addition to the operation of the Shelter, the humane officers patrol the City, retrieving animals that have been killed and injured by vehicles, animals running at large, and the capture and removal of feral (wild) animals. The humane officers also respond to and investigate complaints related to animal issues, including cruelty to animals, animal bites, and they also enforce city ordinances addressing the care and regulation of the pet population.

Each member of our Animal Control staff has received certification for Animal Control Officer licensing and they regularly attend training and workshops hosted by the Texas Department of Health. This training allows for them to enhance their knowledge and abilities to perform their job duties.

If you have any questions about the Humane Department or want to volunteer please email Captain Fontenot at the Alvin Police Department.

The City of Alvin Humane Department works diligently to reunite pets and owners. Pet rescue and adoption is a high priority with all of our staff and adoptions have increased gradually each year, partly due to the cooperation from local media sources and use of the internet with Pets Ware and rescue organizations.


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