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On September 30, 2006, Alvin Police Department unveiled their newest tool to help keep Alvin safe. A group of specially trained citizens from the Alvin Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni Association made their first patrol in the group’s new Citizen’s Patrol Unit. The specially equipped and marked patrol vehicle allows the Citizens’ Patrol Unit to act as an extra set of eyes and ears for the citizens of Alvin. Each member of the Unit goes through the 32 hour Citizen’s Police Academy and an additional 60 hours of specialized training in patrol techniques, qualifying them to patrol Alvin’s streets.

The Citizen’s Patrol Unit assists Alvin Police Department with crime prevention patrols, motorist assistance, wrecker stand-by, traffic control, close patrols and handicapped parking enforcement. Our mission is to act as a force multiplier for the city’s police officers. We assist them with non-enforcement activities so that they are available to answer more calls for service. We also act as a deterrent to crime by conducting highly visible patrols.

Applicants for the Citizen’s Patrol Unit must either have completed the Citizen’s Police Academy or be willing to complete the Academy during the next offering.

An application for the Citizen’s Patrol Unit can be filled out and brought to the PD to the attention of Lt. Bruce Trent. Anyone interested in the Citizen’s Police Academy or the Citizen’s Patrol program should contact either Ruben Solano for the Alvin Citizen’s Police Academy @ 281-585-7124 or Lt. Bruce Trent for the Alvin Citizen’s Patrol Unit @ 281-585-7105.